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Woodlawn High School Graduation 2021

Welcome to the Woodlawn High School Class of 2021 Graduation page!

The above block will load the live video from Facebook when it becomes available. If you can not see the video, please refresh the page (for PC users, the circle arrow button in the upper left or the F5 key on your keyboard) at around 7:00 PM and the video should appear. The video will also be available on the school Facebook page, which can be accessed by clicking here.



Graduating Class of 2021

Clayton Ashcraft Breanna French Jaydon Manes Brayson Smallwood
Madisyn Ashcraft Blaine Funderburg Aiden Marlette Bryson Smith
Landen Barringer Ethan Gardner Jacob McClain Kaelie Temple
Grace Booth Tony Gill Brandon McVay Daniel Thompson
Kyndle Chastain Anna Gossett Allie McWhorter Hunter Thompson
Aislinn Christian J.T. Grace Noah Poplin Levi Thrower
Garret Cowart Johnny Hart Lauren Reed Faith Tooke
Kaylyn Dixon Abigail Haycox Sarah-Chatherine Reed Vanessa Vinson
Braydon Durham Cash Hopper Brayden Rice Vincent Vinson
Devin Erwin Makenzie Lasiter Logan Riley Cameron Webb
Elizabeth Francis Bella Lephiew Calie Rutledge  

Kyndle Chastain



Clayton Ashcraft Calie Rutledge


Honor Graduates

Kyndle Chastain Makenzie Lasiter Grace Booth
Clayton Ashcraft Hunter Thompson Bella Lephiew
Calie Rutledge Ethan Gardner Abigail Haycox
Allie McWhorter Cameron Webb Kalie Temple
Lauren Reed Faith Tooke Blaine Funderburg
Sarah-Catherine Reed   Kaylyn Dixon


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