picture of students with certification certificates

Celebrating Our Outstanding Students' Remarkable Achievements!

In a testament to their unwavering dedication and commitment, students from Woodlawn have achieved remarkable milestones, earning coveted OSHA 10 certifications and personal financial management training at SEABEC. These accomplishments not only reflect their individual determination but also signal a bright future full of opportunities.

Brayden's Achievement:

Brayden, a diligent student in the field of Construction at SEACBEC, has recently reached a significant milestone in his academic journey. He has successfully earned his OSHA 10 certification, a credential that signifies not just a milestone, but a lifetime achievement. Brayden's commitment to excellence is an inspiration to us all.

Trystan, Tristain, and Carter Shine Bright:

Woodlawn students Trystan, Tristain, and Carter have illuminated the path to success with their outstanding achievements. These welding enthusiasts participated in Welding Classes at SEACBEC and, remarkably, earned their OSHA 10 certifications completely free of charge. Their dedication and hard work have paved the way for endless opportunities in the welding industry.

Kennedie's Multi-faceted Success:

Kennedie, a talented Woodlawn student, has added a multitude of accomplishments to her growing list of achievements. Joining SEACBEC for Construction Classes, she has not only earned her OSHA 10 Certification but has also successfully completed Personal Financial Management training. Kennedie's dedication to both her academic and financial future is truly commendable.

These certifications are not just pieces of paper; they are passports to a world of opportunities. With OSHA 10 certifications in hand, these students are well-prepared to enter a wide array of industries, where safety and expertise are paramount. Whether it's in construction, welding, or any other field, these Woodlawn students are primed to make a lasting impact.

These accomplishments serve as a testament to the incredible hard work, dedication, and commitment displayed by our students. The Woodlawn community is immensely proud of their achievements and looks forward to witnessing the remarkable journeys that lie ahead for each of them.

Congratulations on your outstanding achievements!