🏆✨ Congratulations to our FBLA Conference Competition Winners! ✨🏆

We're thrilled to announce the outstanding achievements of our students who competed in Monday's FBLA Conference! ğŸŽ‰ Here's a roundup of our talented winners who have qualified for the State Conference:

🥇 1st Place:

Keeli Stewart: Health Care Administration
Kendall Tooke: Intro to Marketing Concepts
Dillon Lunsford: Networking Infrastructures
Lillie McWhorter: Word Processing

🥈 2nd Place:

Hanna Cook: Human Resource Management
Tate Hall: Marketing
Ben Sowrheaver: Marketing
Garrett Weatherford: Marketing
Landon Ashcraft: Securities & Investments
Anna Scott: Sports & Entertainment Management
Erin Claire West: Sports & Entertainment Management
Eli Franks: Supply Chain Management
Lily White: UX Design

🥉 3rd Place:

Sarah Melhorn: Accounting II
Brayden Kitchens: Agribusiness
Annie Davidson: Business Ethics
Jessica Jones: Business Ethics
Chloe Place: Business Ethics
Belinda Simon: Business Law
Skylar Connor: Economics
Kane Mills: Future Business Leader
Emily Ashcraft: Insurance & Risk Management

🥉 4th Place:

Braxton Harvey-Business Communication

Baylee Aud-Intro to Business Procedures 
Zane Brown-Job Interview 
Cain Wilkins-Public Speaking

🥉 5th Place:

Fatih Hisaw-Cyber Security

🥉 6th Place:

Anna Fitzgibbon-Accounting I 

Jayda Adair-Advertising 
Anna Adair-Computer Problem Solving
Kelsi Mack-Intro to Business Communication
Karsyn Chastain-Intro to FBLA

Your hard work and dedication are truly commendable. 👏👏