Hot Springs, AR - February 12-14, 2024

Woodlawn High School's EAST students made a remarkable impression at EAST Conference held in Hot Springs this week. The conference, a gathering of students, educators, and community leaders, provided a platform for Woodlawn students to showcase their innovative projects.

Cain Wilkins took center stage as part of the Leadership team, announcing special events and several award winners.

cainonstageateastcon24Alivia Nixon and Brynne Stover, part of the Documentation Teams, showcased their exceptional skills in digital storytelling. Alivia's role as a Social Media Reporter and Brynne's photography captured the essence of the conference, providing a glimpse into the world of EAST.

cainaliviabrynneworkingateastcon24Meanwhile, Rowdy, Leah, and Saydee proudly represented Woodlawn at the exhibition booth, where they showcased a year's worth of hard work and dedication. The projects displayed reflected the innovative and collaborative efforts of Woodlawn EAST students.


To top it off, we're thrilled to announce that our students also received the prestigious Judges' Choice award for their outstanding contributions!

The success of Woodlawn's EAST program at EAST Conference serves as a testament to the school's commitment to providing students with opportunities for growth, exploration, and meaningful engagement within their community and beyond.