group pictures of cheerleaders with awards

Woodlawn Junior High and High School Cheerleaders attended the National Cheer Association Leadership Camp in Conway, AR over the summer. The cheerleaders learned various dance and cheer routines, worked on stunts and jumps, and competed in several events throughout the week. On the last day of camp, family and friends gathered at the UCA HPER Center to watch both squads on the final day of competitions. The junior high and high school cheerleaders received the following awards:

All-Star Jumper Finalists: Cain Wilkins and Kelsi Mack (9th grade), Lily White and Sara Beth Melhorn (10th grade), Chloe Hargis and Anna Adair (11th grade), and Kendall Sanchez (12th).

All-Star Jumper Overall Winners: Cain Wilkins (9th grade), Sarah Beth Melhorn (10th grade)

All-Star Tumbler Finalists: Fisher Blasengame (9th grade), Anna Adair (11th grade), Chloe Hargis (11th grade)

All American Cheerleaders: Kelsi Mack, Lily White, Chloe Hargis, and Kendall Sanchez

Top All-American: Chloe Hargis

Overall Winner Game Day Routine: Woodlawn Junior High Cheerleaders

Runner-up Game Day Routine: Woodlawn High School Cheerleaders
Runner-up Rally Routine: Woodlawn High School Cheerleaders