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BBQ Sandwich with Curly Fries

Focus Group + Fresh Fruit and Vegetable of the Month

with K-12 Culinary Connection

Fresh Fruit: Pomegranate

Fresh Vegetable: Pumpkin

Chef Tory made pumpkin pomegranate bars for the students at our gathering. Students also tasted cinnamon sticks and aztec fruit salad! Coming to a cafe near you!

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Whole Group
Dr. Hancock trying mac and cheese pizza!

Sample Days at Woodlawn!

Last year, the students and faculty were able to try new products including homemade mac and cheese pizza and two new pasta dishes. K-12 Culinary loves the hungry appetites at Woodlawn School District!

Look for samples days this year!

Chef Tory and the FACS Class

Cooking Demo with Chef Tory

Last spring, Woodlawn and K-12 Culinary Connection teamed up in the Family Consumer Sciences classroom to learn to make Gumbo from scratch! During this session, the students watched Chef Tory create his family's homemade gumbo recipe. Students asked engaging questions, learned cooking techniques and what it's like to be a chef for restaurants and school districts! We can't wait to do this again!

Meet the Chefs!

Brooke Mercer

Child Nutrition Director/Manager

Diane Mitcham

Louise Griffith

Debbie Patrick

Pam Jones



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