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Everybody Loves A Sale

Don’t Miss This One!

Beginning Thursday, September 29 and continuing until Thursday October, 13, the 2016-17 yearbook will be on sale for 20% off. The regular price is $50.00 but for the next two weeks, you can order yours for only $40.00.

You may order at school or online. Use this link to place online orders.


2016 Homecoming Court Announced

Left to Right: Casey Parker, Chase Fleetwood, Drew Stitt, Andrea Doss, Hannah Tisdale, Sydney Weatherford, Chandler Simmons, Ashlyn Graves, Kasey Sowrheaver, Laura Sawyer


Homecoming ceremonies will be held on Friday, October 21. The daytime ceremonies will begin at 2:00. During the daytime ceremonies, the maids will be escorted by WHS Bears team members. The evening ceremonies will begin at 6:15. This event will conclude with the crowning of the 2016 Football Sweetheart and Homecoming Queen. The Bears will host Strong at 7:00 that evening.

The deadline for ordering Homecoming t-shirts has been extended to Monday,October 10! See Mrs. Nickie or a student council member to order!

You Can Help Our Students Develop a Love of Reading

With These Donors Choose Programs

WHS teachers have commited to improving reading skills across the curriculum this year. As a faculty, they are working to include more reading in all subject areas while teaching students strategies to improve comprehension and fluency. English teachers Melissa Stover and Lacey Hackett are taking it a step further. Their  goal is to develop life-long learners through a love of reading. Each of these teachers has worked with students to establish reading goals for the school year. The teachers recognize that to increase reading with all students, they will have to increase the reading materials which are available. While there are great books in the school library, it is also important to build classroom libraries so that students will have more choices. 

Mrs. Stover’s 10th - 12th grade students worked to develop a list of books they would like to add to the classroom library. Then with Mrs. Stover’s help, they submitted the list to Donors Choose. You can view the list of book and make a donation to the students’ project here.

After discussing students’ interests, previous reading, and current goals, Ms. Lacey carefully chose books to inspire her 7th – 9th grade readers. She has a wide range of reading abilities and interests; she hopes to challenge her students and build stronger readers with this Donors Choose project. You can view her list of books and donate to Ms. Lacey’s project here.


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