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Woodlawn Spelling Bee Recap!

A huge shout-out to our talented spellers who lit up the stage at this year's Spelling Bee! Special thanks to everyone behind the scenes who made it all possible:

Teachers: Your dedication to supporting our participants is invaluable. 
Students: Big kudos for giving your best and displaying resilience! 
Setup Crew: Your hard work in arranging the venue didn't go unnoticed. 
Judges (Selena Jacks, Bonnie Gavin, Dana Gavin): Ensuring fairness and adherence to rules.  Pronouncer (Chelsea Stover): Masterfully guiding our spellers with clear enunciation.

And now, let's give a round of applause to our incredible winners who'll be advancing to the Cleveland County Spelling Bee on January 16, 2024, at Rison Elementary School:

🥇 1st Place - Allison Garrison (5th grade) 
🥈 2nd Place - Eli Smith (7th grade)
🥉 3rd Place - Jayci Rauls (4th grade)
🏅 4th Place - Emma Johnson (6th grade)
🏅 5th Place - Scarlette Ruiz (7th grade)

Congratulations to our champs!  Best of luck at the county level!